Anyone open to finding more clarity in any aspect of their life should do this course. My biggest takeaway is that it’s entirely within my power to make decisions that direct myself to where I want to be headed, and I’m filled with gratitude to have the opportunity to spend the rest of my life doing that. What a way to live!

Mel Brown

Thank you for the incredible workshop, it has already shifted how I view myself, my approach to making decisions and my relationships with others

Tara Stephens

Dan has helped me understand the way all the parts of my life fit together in a way I didn’t know I was searching for.

Georgie Meagher

It was an awesome six-week journey that completely changed my perspective. I was able to identify what really matters to me and already during the course I was making decisions that honoured that. I’m sure I’ll be using these tools for life! I highly recommend this course if you are willing to have a very meaningful life

Renata Siegmann

I highly recommend the course and I believe children should learn this in schools. It helped (and still helps) to bring clarity to what really matters to me and how to make decisions in that direction. Thanks Dan!

Thiago Cabral

Dan’s HDM approach is deeply personal, meaningful, organic, creative and concise – in years to come I will reflect on this wananga/learning experience as an ‘Aha’ moment in our lives – it has encompassed our wholeness, and brought clarity and focus to the everyday choices I make and the way I move through life

Leone Nuku

Doing the online HDM course with Dan has been profoundly important to me. The ability to ask questions and engage in discussion with other participants clarified my understanding and deepened my connection with my context in ways that I could not have accomplished in other ways. Cannot recommend this experience highly enough.

John Valentine

Thanks again for facilitating such an amazing experience that I could feel working on multiple levels! You have a gift!

Amanda Cahill

I can feel immense differences, things cracking open, doorways opening and in all areas of the course, ringing and pinging.

Alexandra Pepita

The impacts of holistic thinking and decision making have been enormously positive in my life and generated so much proactive exchange benefitting myself and the communities i live within

Jess Villani

I feel so grateful to have come across Dan’s HDM course. It is a framework for living that contains structure and process combined with intuition and deep connection to self. I absolutely recommend doing this course and am excited to bring it into my own life

Lucy Valentine

I feel so enlivened and energized by this HDM course and through Dan’s sheer enthusiasm and passion for teaching HDM as a whole and complete set of practices

Adrian Hodgson, Design Jam Permaculture

Dan’s online Holistic Decision making course is an inspirational and concise way to radically focus your attention, decision making and actions towards what you really want in life.

Olly Watkins

Thank you for all the clarity, love & magic that you brought to this course. My life already feels genuinely improved from having those QOL statements to take steps towards each day.

Ben Taylor

Because I now have the whole well designed, this process is helping me to plan my week/months in the right direction in accordance with my my soul!

Thais Pimenta

Holistic Decision Making is something of a revelation for me and has radically affected the way I plan my day and the way I show up with my family.

Finn Weddle
Dan Palmer is an incredibly warm and engaging facilitator. He has a passion for sculpting a group process for all peoples and landscapes. Get onto this – Holistic decision making could be one of the best decisions you ever make.
Hayden Odoherty

I constantly refer people to your work with holistic decision making because I have found it so valuable.

Levi Thomas

Dan’s Holistic Decision Making workshop and guidance was a game changer for us at Pocket City Farms. At a time when our focus was being spread very thin, this allowed us to re-center and focus on our core vision, with a framework in place to make all decisions easily.

Emma Bowen

Thank you so much for the workshop on Monday. It has tipped my world on its head and given clarity and motivation to move forward again

Celia Leverton

We gained such clarity on our sense of personal and farming purpose and I would go as far to say that this training not only improved our business, it improved our marriage too!

Charlie Showers and Jade Miles

It’s not often I can say a guest on the show changed my life in an hour. Dan Palmer did.

Alexx Stuart

Dan’s enthusiasm for holistic decision making is infectious, and the experience gave me great insight into the potential for this to become an integral way to approach and in fact craft our path in life. Thank you!

Helen Mcgregor
I had a feeling the workshop would be a complete game changer for me and oh boy, has it been. I’ve so much more head and heart space to be present in my life. Thank you a billion times over Dan.
Angela Ashley Chiew

Doing Dan’s holistic decision making workshop is like having kids – no one can tell you what it is going to be like in advance, but it totally transforms your life for the better!

workshop participant

Thank you for the most amazing workshop. It’s giving me focus and clarity and it’s done wonders for my relationship. It felt like looking into your heart, putting its content on paper, and then with a rational mind working out how to fulfil those dreams. Feeling motivated on the verge of bursting!

Martin Johansson

Going through the holistic decision making process was priceless for both personal life and a future business. Using that approach changes everything and gives me a lot of confidence going forward


The holistic decision making system is probably the most useful tool I have ever been given.

Amandine Monsaingeon

I am so excited about this system and have started applying it in my life. It feels like what I have been trying to do unconsciously for years has just been presented to me in a simple step by step guide and for me it is an absolutely perfect fit.

Bryn Roberts-todd (France)

Thank you for making these fantastic resources available for other businesses to access. You are an amazing source of inspiration to us.

Emmanuela Prigioni

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