Holistic Decision Making (HDM) is a whole-oriented approach to clarifying then staying aligned with one’s core values. When applied to organisations, HDM supports conscious, focused, and proactive thinking and decision making that adds growing value, not only to the external entities the organisation exists to serve, but to the individuals working within the organisation. In particular, HDM supports organisations to collaboratively:

1. Articulate their reason for existing and their core values in a systemic, focused way
2. Regularly and rapidly assess their alignment with these in cut-to-the-chase meetings that are a joy to attend
3. Proactively make decisions to continuously evolve the organisation’s potential without scattering or fragmenting energy
4. Stay awake and steer out of habitual ruts that otherwise get in the way

All this happens in a series of engaging, interactive sessions that simultaneously grow a team’s capacity to move beyond a focus on merely solving problems, or doing good things, to become authentically regenerative agents of change in the communities and ecologies they exist to serve.

Download this PDF sharing our Organisational Engagement Proposal for more information including costs, and get in touch if you’d like to set up a call to establish whether there is a goodness of fit, keeping in mind we are only saying yes to a limited number of clients.

Some of the businesses and organisations we have either resourced or done workshops with.

After a decision making consult clients Oli, Tess, Kirsten, Su, Dave and Nick decided to give Dan a hug