We don’t really know why we’re listing testimonials from past workshops and stuff given that we’re not trying to sell anything, but maybe some of these comments will help fire you up to give the approach a go. And we also wanted to start collecting these snippets in one place. So, here they are!

This is a very big ‘thank you’ for the HM materials you offer on your website. They have amounted to a game changer for me: even though I’ve had an HGoal for 7 years, I still wasn’t fully ‘getting it.’ Thus, I kept dropping it,  returning to it, dropping it, and so on, knowing there was something more to it than I was aware, but unable to really use it. I wish I could put my finger on exactly what I was missing in my understanding, but your mindmap, and presentations around it, simply made it all click. I’m now working with my college-aged son; a local raw milk dairy; and a business cohort on their HGoals. It feels very empowering. Lastly, I’ve read every first and second source HM document I can get my hands on: yours is the best I’ve found so I’m hoping you’ll turn it into a workbook of some kind. All the best to you and yours, (Hayes, Missouri, USA)

The holistic management system is probably the most useful tool I have ever been given which I have used mostly for personal/ family blossoming and could use in so many more ways. (Amandine, Tauranga, NZ)

Going through the holistic management process was priceless for both personal life and a future business. Using that approach changes everything and gives me a lot of confidence going forward” (Erica, South Melbourne, Australia)

Dan Palmer was candid, encouraging and focused; helping each person get clarity on where they were at and what they could do to simultaneously achieve their goals and be more aligned with their values (Amanda, Melbourne, Australia)

Enjoyed these two days, wish there was more! Holistic management stuff really useful and inspiring. Hope we cross paths some more (Grace, Fryerstown)

Dan, as usual your presentation style really works for me.  Your shift from meditative, to funny, to physical, to seductive, to requiring us to mentally focus….I enjoy being a part of the changing rhythm you use to direct the attention of the group over the day….I am so appreciative of your pioneering brain, doing the creative hard yards.  And your generosity, wanting to share it with folks (Catherine, Plenty Permaculture, NZ)