A chat with Allan Savory

Here is an interview Dan conducted with Allan Savory in 2020 about holistic management and permaculture.

Dan Introducing HDM

Here is another 2020 podcast episode in which Dan introduces Holistic Decision Making as part of his Making Permaculture Stronger podcast. See more episodes on the topic here.

Dan interviewed by Alexx Stuart

Dan has also been interviewed twice by Alexx Stuart from Low Tox Life here (2018) and here (2019) about HDM.

Do you make knee jerk decisions, or decisions that later don’t seem to have been very smart for your future that frustrate you? Join me for a lovely, fun and accessible chat exploring holistic decision making as a tool for steering your life, business, or whatever into a space that brings you quality of life whilst keeping you in check on the big picture stuff, like the planet we live on. – Alexx Stuart, Episode 84 of Low Tox Life


Here is a update (2018) of a three-part article Dan wrote in 2014, which many thousands have read, and hundreds have successfully applied in their lives:

  1. Introduction to Holistic Management: Part One – Clarifying the Whole
  2. Introduction to Holistic Management: Part Two – Articulating a Context
  3. Introduction to Holistic Management: Part Three – Putting your Context to Work

Here is one example of how an organic collective in the Blue Mountains applied what they learned from these articles.

I just wanted to reach out after reading your Three part blog on holistic decision making and say that I think you’ve done an absolutely outstanding job at presenting this system as well as your adaptations of it which were crucial for me to grasp the concepts. I am so excited about this system and have started applying it in my life. It feels like what I have been trying to do unconsciously for years has just been presented to me in a simple step by step guide and for me it is an absolutely perfect fit. I just wanted to emphasise how much of a good job you have done in this peace of work with your choice of videos and articles. The way you presented it broke down all resistance to the process and I am gladly welcoming it into my life. So thank you for your work and I wish you all the best!

Bryn Roberts-todd (France)