Keep in mind that almost all (if not all) the resources out there emphasise the application of the Holistic Management decision making framework to land management and often get straight into that topic without getting across that as a decision making framework it applies as equally to say the management of a show store or a family living in the suburbs. But here are some of the key websites about holistic management I’m aware of. If you find other do send them through and I’ll add them.

Bruce Wards Legacy Trust Website Archives – A brilliant, unique and comprehensive set of free resources (webpages with video and audio clips) I have found extremely useful in understanding then explaining holistic management. This is where I found the short Bruce Ward clips I have used throughout the article.

The Savory Institute – “promotes large-scale restoration of the world’s grasslands through holistic management.” Has useful introductory and advanced ebooks for sale.

Holistic Management International – “Our mission is to educate people to manage land for a sustainable future.” Has useful introductory and beyond free ebooks.

Inside Out Management – Brian Wehlburg’s private Holistic Management teaching and consultancy business including a great resources page with short vids etc.

Australasian Holistic Management Educators

Articles on Synergies between Permaculture and Holistic Management

A readable PDF article about some permaculture farmers who found that holistic management helped them a lot with a useful table of the strengths and weaknesses of both.

An article by our friend Tim Barker about what holistic management can offer permaculture.

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