Context Examples

On this page I will overtime share a wide variety of context examples relating to projects I have been part of (whether as a decision maker or facilitator). Thanks to all involved for permission to share (in some cases anonymously, in some cases not).

Statement of Purpose Examples

Our place honours a diversity of natural landscapes thriving with wild areas, flowing water and productive, manageable fields and forests. We are abundantly self-sufficient as we work with pride to nourish and rejuvenate our land into a sanctuary that cocoons us and all its inhabitants in life and serenity (for a permaculture design project on a small farm, 2015)

Perennial Abundance explores and shares ways of collaborating to enrich natural and social capital while meeting human needs locally. We help create vibrant, resilient communities which manage and are nourished by abundant ecosystems grounded in perennial plants and relationships.

VEG helps grow healthy & abundant communities landscapes & livelihoods by designing, creating & educating about regenerative human-supporting ecosystems

VEG Wicking Beds is a thriving, profitable, and resilient enterprise offering education, kitsets and installations. We are Australia’s recognised leader in wicking bed technology.

Growing Abundance builds a strong local food system and community through sharing skills, resources & connections